About Me

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I am a ceramic artist based Dungarvan County Waterford. I love the outdoors, nature and everything that surrounds it. My studio is nestled opposite an urban woodland and to the left is the sea. Where I am visited by wildlife throughout the seasons.

I have always been a maker, I never really started. I was always happiest as a child being on the floor surrounded by paper, glue and cardboard boxes. I attended the Limerick School of Art and Design where I received a First Class Honors Degree. I am also passionate about teaching ceramics, it is a material that I believe everyone can engage with. I complete projects with many different groups and schools.

Each piece of sculpture is slowly handmade from the highest quality materials to create one of a kind pieces. I am inspired by the natural world, microbiology and humans desire to explore.

Artist Statement

The natural world never stands still; it is constantly moving and changing. The study of biology has always intrigued me, the idea that we are not merely content to know that something exists; we need to classify it to make order out of persistent randomness. Working in clay gives me a connection to the nature that I am expressing. Clay’s willingness to be transformed, both in shape and texture gives me the perfect medium to express my ideas.  I hand build sculptural ceramics from mostly porcelain and black stoneware clay. In my current work I am considering the connection that we have with nature and how we are reliant on it for life. I am looking at bacteria and microscopic imagery to show that when we look closely we are all the same.